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The Best Kids Computer




Pre-loaded with top-rated educational apps such as Google Docs & Sheets for kids to do homework and ScratchJr for developing problem solving and coding skills.

Age Appropriate

With Google Family Link pre-installed, your parental controls will be up & running in minutes. Manage their screen time, set hours for use, approve which apps they can download and more —all from your mobile device.


Includes a 10.1″ HD detachable touchscreen tablet, dual stereo speakers and access to millions of Google Play Store apps for endless learning opportunities that’s fun and engaging.

Practice Spelling Words

Learn To Code

Download Top-Rated Apps

"In this generation, it is important to start a child early in learning computer skills. I highly recommend Tanoshi Kids Computers." 

~Steven Lee,
CEO of WhizKidz Computer Center,
Silicon Valley

"Tanoshi is the perfect kid safe PC for developing computer skills beyond the classroom."

Elementary School Teacher
& mother of 3

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